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False personality superimposed via memory stamp to Samantha Carter after she was forced to work in the underground complex of P3R-118.

Like Major Carter Therra was innovative and clever, and suggested several concepts to overseer Brenna that would reduce labor and increase productivity, including an automated valve for the facility's pressure system. But Brenna was forced to revoke the concepts. Therra was unaware that Administrator Caulder (who she did not know existed) was disposing of her ideas for fear that they would eventually depose him from power.

When Carter regained her real memory and Caulder was found out, it is likely some of her plans to perfect the underground technology were placed into effect.


PLAYED BY - Amanda Tapping
FIRST APPEARED - Beneath the Surface


Beneath the Surface - Major Carter believes herself to be Therra, a laborer determined to bring her society back on its feet.