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Space-faring civilization of humans in the Pegasus Galaxy, who live entirely on a convoy of ships. This enables the Travelers a measure of freedom from the Wraith, in that they do not have a home world that is constantly vulnerable to cullings. For this reason they are more technologically advanced than most human colonies in the galaxy – though a scarcity of resources and the ability to grow also hinders their further advancement.

Their leader is Larrin, though the Travelers are ruled by governing council. Each individual ship has its own captain, who may serve as something like a local governor for the citizens on board that vessel.

The Travelers' ships are capable of hyperspace travel and are armed with energy weapons and shield technology. They are also able to land on planets in order to resupply and trade with other peoples. Thus they likely do not rely on Stargates in the same way that other cultures do. They often do, however, leave sensors near space gates in order to monitor their activity.

The Travelers do not only live in space to avoid the Wraith. Over many generations the Travelers came to understand their space-faring, transient life as part of who they are as a people. But after they acquired a Lantean warship and the Wraith became preoccupied with a war against the Replicators, they chose to create a planetary colony. They suffered a devastating loss when the Attero device caused the planet's Stargate to explode, wiping out two ships (including the Ancient vessel) and killing three thousand inhabitants.

After this they allied with Atlantis to track down the Attero device and shut it down, hoping after this to try starting a new colony again. They remain an ally of the Atlantis expedition, though one that is largely preoccupied with its own needs and interests.




Travelers - John Sheppard meets the Travelers when Larrin kidnaps him, manipulating him into activating their newly acquired Lantean warship.
Be All My Sins Remember'd - The Travelers bring their ships into the fight against the Replicators, joining with Earth, Lantean, and Wraith ships in an assault on the planet Asuras.
The Lost Tribe - Katana Labrea is sent to Atlantis to learn why Stargates are exploding, which has resulted in the devastating loss of the Travelers' new planetary colony.