Tretonin injector

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Small, cylindrical device used to inject the drug tretonin into a patient. The device administers a small amount of tretonin directly into an artery without piercing the skin. Typically the substance is administered into an artery in the wrist or forearm. A number of different models exist.


After their larval symbiotes were killed at the Ambush of Kresh'ta, both Teal'c and Bra'tac became dependent on these devices to supply them with tretonin. Bra'tac was forced to ration his injections during his long imprisonment on Erebus, until Teal'c brought a fresh injector capable of sustaining them both.


Orpheus - With Bra'tac's tretonin supply recently depleted, Teal'c arrives at Erebus and delivers a fresh supply in time to save him.
Sacrifices - While Teal'c is lying low on a planet occupied by Moloc's forces, the S.G.C. air-drops him a tretonin injector from a U.A.V.
Stronghold - Teal'c must crawl his way to a tretonin injector in order to survive when he is held captive by Baal.
Dominion - Teal'c finds a tretonin injector at a camp where Baal has wiped out his clones using symbiote poison, explaining how at least one Jaffa survived the attack.