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Medical doctor and member of the Stargate program. Dr. Brightman briefly served as chief medical officer of Stargate Command following the death of Dr. Janet Fraiser. She was among the staff when General Jack O'Neill ordered a complete lockdown of Cheyenne Mountain when Anubis, in his non-corporeal form, was moving from person to person in the base.

During the appointment of Major General Hank Landry as leader of Stargate Command his daughter, Dr. Carolyn Lam, replaced Brightman as S.G.C.'s C.M.O. But Brightman's involvement in the Stargate program and her high security clearance remained, and she was called upon for her expertise by the stranded Destiny crew on more than one occasion -- temporarily transferring her consciousness to someone on the ship using the communication stones) She performed complicated surgery on Nicholas Rush while the ship was under siege by aliens, and attended to the wounded when the Lucian Alliance invaded the ship.

Brightman is now stationed at an Air Force medical facility.


PLAYED BY - Alisen Down


Lockdown - Dr. Brightman investigates Colonel Vaselov's debilitating illness.
Divided - Brightman takes over Chloe's body to surgically remove an alien tracking device from Dr. Rush's chest, but the connection is severed before she can finish.
Intervention - Brightman and three other medical doctors are called to Destiny after the Lucian Alliance takes control, attending to those wounded by gunfire.
Pathogen - Eli uses the communication stones to visit his hospitalized mother, and is briefed on her condition by Dr. Brightman.