Burrock's people

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A human colony living as an agrarian society for many generations, and who once served Unas slave-masters before rising up and making the Unas their slaves. The Unas themselves likely served the Goa'uld, but when SG-1 visited Burrock's planet the people had kept primitive Unas as beasts of burden for generations. Most recently Burrock had visited P3X-888 and captured Daniel Jackson's Unas friend, Chaka.

Long ago Burrock's people successfully overthrew the dominating Unas and took the Goa'uld technology they possessed, making the masters (the Unas) the slaves for generations since. A family from these generations handed down Stargate addresses, which Burrock used to capture Unas from other worlds to improve the genetic strength of his slaves.

With the arrival of SG-1, Burrock lost control of his Unas and was killed by Chaka. With Unas ready to fight against their abusive human masters, Chaka led the two groups to a peaceful settlement. Humans and Unas now co-exist on the planet.


HOMEWORLD - Burrock's homeworld
FIRST APPEARED - Beast of Burden


Beast of Burden - Chaka is captured by Burrock and taken to his planet, later to be freed by SG-1 to spawn an uprising among the Unas.
Enemy Mine - Daniel learns that Chaka formed a tentative treaty with Burrock's people following SG-1's departure, allowing humans and Unas to live side-by-side.