Emmett Bregman

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A respected journalist and video documentary film-maker, assigned by the outgoing U.S. President to film and produce a documentary of the Stargate program. Pentagon officers Dale James and Shep Wickenhouse were assigned to assist him. Tom Rundell served as Bregman's liaison to the Cheyenne Mountain facility, often frustrating his attempts to film on-going activity on the base.

His mother once said he had "some nerve," which is how he conducts himself when he is denied that which he feels is rightfully his -- especially access to material he believes the public has a right to know about. Bregman was briefed by the Defense Department before beginning his project at the S.G.C. He started off on the wrong foot with many of the base personnel, who found his presence and demeanor to be callous, intrusive, and interfering with normal base operations in order to create a "reality show" no one other than the top brass will probably ever see.

Bregman wanted leeway when it came to being allowed access to information that had yet to be reviewed and approved by the Defense Department and the President, but General Hammond was not going to let him slide. He and much of SG-1 opposed the project as much as they could without disobeying their orders. But he did befriend Janet Fraiser during his interviews.

However, following a catastrophic rescue mission to P3X-666, Bregman was allowed clearance to recently declassified files -- including footage of the death of Fraiser on the planet, accidentally caught on video by Daniel Jackson. He later filmed Fraiser's memorial service, to be included in the documentary.

One of Bregman's most eager goals was to get Jack O'Neill on tape for the documentary. But it was only after Bregman had made peace with Hammond after Fraiser's death, and convinced him that his intentions were sincere, that O'Neill agreed to be interviewed. Hammond approved of the final documentary, telling Bregman it is a shame that no one will ever see it.

Years prior to the events at the S.G.C. Bregman lost his wife. He still wears a wedding band.


PLAYED BY - Saul Rubinek
FIRST APPEARED - Heroes, Part 1


Heroes, Part 1 - Emmett Bregman is assigned two military personnel from the Pentagon and invited to document the daily lives of the Stargate Command personnel.
Heroes, Part 2 - Still being blocked from gaining any action for his documentary, Bregman makes a bold move and steps into the office of General Hammond to call the President. He is stunned by the death of Janet Fraiser, and is unsure whether or not to include the footage of her death.
Covenant - Bregman, who has apparently maintained a tenative relationship with Dr. Jackson, leaves the archaeologist 13 messages after Alec Colson publicly threatens to reveal proof of the existence of aliens to the world.