Stargate Command documentary

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Documentary requested by the outgoing United States presidential administration in 2004 to create a permanent, lasting account of the inner workings of Stargate Command, created in the event that the secret project is ever revealed to the public. The film was directed and produced by reporter Emmett Bregman, with camera operator and editor Dale James and sound operator Shep Wickenhouse. Cheyenne Mountain public affairs liaison Tom Rundell worked with the team during their days on the base.

Few at the S.G.C. were willing to comply with Bregman and his team, but considering the final run time of the cut, they managed a measure of success. Bregman shot interviews with Major Samantha Carter (more than once), Dr. Daniel Jackson, Teal'c, and Dr. Janet Fraiser. Also filmed was Dr. Bill Lee's demonstration of the new ceramic polymer, in which Teal'c shot a protected Sergent Siler with a Jaffa staff weapon. Bregman also interviewed Sergeant Walter Harriman, who gave an overview of his responsibilities in the control room and a tour of the gate room. When Fraiser was killed in the line of duty on P3X-666, Jackson -- initially reluctant to hand over his video of the incident to the reporter -- finally encouraged Bregman to use it in the film, to honor Fraiser and what she stood for.

The running time for the documentary was two hours, 42 minutes and eight seconds before the final lock of the cut, featuring clips from Fraiser's memorial service amidst an overlay of the United States flag, and a collection of photos from S.G. teams, closing with a spinning Stargate. The final cut is probably longer, as Mr. Bregman eventually gained permission to get Jack O'Neill on film. The U.S. government owns the final film, and General George Hammond suggested to Bregman that it will never actually see the light of day -- though in the end even he was happy with the film.


Heroes, Part 1 - Bregman arrives at the S.G.C. with his aides to shoot a documentary on the inner-workings of the facility.
Heroes, Part 2 - Bregman continues to shoot and edit footage, while tension mounts from a mission reportedly gone terribly wrong.