Foxtrot Alpha Six simulation

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Stargate Command training tool developed by Dr. Bill Lee and his team of scientists and engineers in the hopes that the game may, one day, become a viable training tool for Stargate personnel. Colonel Samantha Carter installed a code translation program to depict, in 3D graphics, the events from within the game to outside observers.

Once prepared, a user is connected to a modified virtual reality unit and is wired into the game. If the user is to aid in training the unit, a progress recorder is initiated. This recorder creates a two second time delay between the chair's processor and the user's perceived experience. Every aspect of the user's movement and choices can be stored and later used to develop the game.


If you are killed in the simulation, the program will automatically reset and start again. Depending on the commitment of the user, the simulation can actually deliver an electric jolt each time you are struck by an energy blast or killed. An internal fail safe permits you to exit the virtual environment at any time. All you must do is use the base's elevator shaft and select the first floor. (In the game, only one elevator shaft exists, as opposed to the two that are actually at the S.G.C.)

More than one player can be added to experience the artificial environment. If the player has a copy of himself in the game, the artificial individual will disappear so the new player can take on his or her actual identity. Additional players can also bypass the progress recorder, to see events two seconds before they can occur. However, if either user is killed, the game will end and reset.

Within the game, MSgt. Walter Harriman's voice is used to give you updated information regarding the condition of Stargate Command, whether a Kull warrior has invaded the base or the auto-destruct has been activated, regardless if he is attending his control room post.



The game begins with Harriman announcing a Foxtrot Alpha Six alert. A single Kull warrior has managed to open the iris and enter the Gate room, killing or disabling every security guard it encounters. As the game gets more advanced, the position of this warrior, within the Gate Room or beyond, may change.



If one Kull isn't enough, three super-soldiers are introduced into the S.G.C. Not only are the warriors now incapable of being neutralized by the normal Kull disruptor, but the third Kull has a cloak of invisibility. To counter this, the game makes a frequency modulator chip and thermographic sensor at your disposal. But for each round the chip will change its location inside Colonel Carter's lab.



Someone has managed to initiate the auto-destruct. It may be a Kull, but it is probably a traitor on the base. In any case, base auto-destruct must be terminated in the S.G.C. control room. Unlike the real Stargate Command, only one command officer is required to deactivate the auto-destruct.



Sabotage does not end with the auto-destruct. A naquadah reactor has begun to overload in a storage locker. In the game, Colonel Carter possesses the expertise to deactivate the device, but only up to a certain point. Sometimes it is rigged to a degree that she is unable to stop it.



The traitor is revealed. The only question is how. An undercover Goa'uld is responsible for initiating base auto-destruct and rigging a naquadah reactor to explode, but to add an extra ingredient, the game changes the identity of the traitor in each round. For several rounds the Goa'uld was within Daniel Jackson, but it has also been known to hide in MSgt. Siler.

Levels three and four can be interchangeable, depending on where the player / players are presently in the game.

The shut-off command is still a work in progress, and until Dr. Lee and his team can solve this critical anomaly, the game will not be placed into active use at Stargate Command.


Avatar - Teal'c is the first to experience the immersive, and deadly, Foxtrot Alpha Six simulation, and soon he discovers the shut-off command will not let him leave the artificial world.