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"First" of the Lucian Alliance. He aided Anateo in the capture of the Earth vessel Odyssey, and personally killed Colonel Paul Emerson in cold blood, to the approval of Anateo.

Solek later took the Odyssey's data recorder to a planet where smugglers routinely traded. A short time later Daniel Jackson and Vala Mal Doran came in search of the unit. When they revealed themselves he used a zat'ni'katel to stun them and take them back to the Odyssey.

After Daniel and Vala escaped the Odyssey cargo hold (thanks to Samantha Carter manipulating power systems) Solek went to check on their whereabouts. Before he could question the Odyssey crew by force Vala used the Odyssey's unstable Asgard transporters to beam him out of the bay. Though the ship -- including the sewage reservoirs -- was checked from stem to stern, his life signs were never found. He may have been beamed into space along with Anateo.


PLAYED BY - Sean Campbell
FIRST APPEARED - Company of Thieves


Company of Thieves - Solek follows the lead of Anateo to take the Odyssey for themselves, rather than the Lucian Alliance.