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Apophis's beloved Goa'uld queen. Amonet possesses the body of Daniel Jackson's wife, Sha're. Jackson and SG-1 searched the galaxy for Sha're for more than two and a half years before she was killed. Teal'c was forced to fire his staff weapon at her, because Amonet was about to kill Jackson.

Amonet and Apophis mated with their hosts and produced a human son, Shifu, who was born on Abydos and hidden away amongst the people. Apophis was convinced that Heru'ur (a rival System Lord) had stolen the child, though Amonet seems to have known the truth and kept it from him.

The son of Amonet and Apophis is a Harcesis: the offspring of two Goa'uld (a forbidden act) who contains all the genetic memory of the Goa'uld. Amonet returned for the boy a year after his birth, sending him to the planet Kheb with one of her handmaidens before she was killed.


PLAYED BY - Vaitiare Bandera
FIRST APPEARED - Children of the Gods


During her run on the show Amonet / Sha're actress Vaitiare Bandera was the real-life girlfriend of "Daniel Jackson" actor Michael Shanks.


Children of the Gods - Amonet finally selects a host from a large group of women that Apophis has abducted from all over the galaxy: Sha're, the Abydonian wife of Daniel Jackson.
Secrets - Daniel finds Sha're on Abydos, pregnant with Apophis's child. Amonet retakes control of her after the birth, though she inexplicably does not give SG-1 up to Apophis.
Forever In a Day - Amonet returns to Abydos for Sha're's child, sending him to Kheb with her handmaiden. But when SG-1 arrives and Daniel confronts her, Teal'c must shoot and kill Amonet and Sha're to save Daniel's life.